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Custom and standard Thesis Printing and Binding Services

We'll turn your thesis into a very high-quality printing
from files that you provide us.
- Library-quality, attractive, durable binding
- Black & white or colour printing available
Cover material options include: Buckram, Imitation Leather, Genuine Leather
Front cover Lettering includes Full title, Publication year, Author's full name, Special requests.
The spine includes: Author's last name, Publication year, Special requests
Even more, options are available! 


Custom Hand Bookbinding

Ariad bookbinding specialises in designing and creating bespoke books, customised portfolios, specialty folders, presentation boxes and slipcases. We use all techniques to offer full bespoke bookbinding services from traditional handcrafted leather-bound books to more modern designs. 


Book Restoration and Repairs


Ariad bookbinding has been one of the most experienced restoring old and valuable books for over 20 years.  The quality of our workmanship is first class and the materials we use are the very best. Types of books we restore include:

  • Leather books
  • Sentimental books
  • Family books
  • Archives
  • Albums
  • Religious books
  • Large family bibles
  • Small personal bible
  • Old leather accounts books
  • Any book that’s past its best

Bespoke Menu books

We offer high-quality menu and related products for restaurants, cafes,  hotels, clubs and other businesses. Bespoke covers made to your specification here in Australia.
Our offerings include a wide range of items and custom-made design to suit every style and budget.  


Custom Boxes

One of our products is high-quality presentation boxes, custom made with special needs, in the fastest turn around time. We use high-quality cardboard and kraft sheets to make custom boxes. All of our products are handmade by our highly skilled staff.
our services are exactly what you need to look for.  


Traditional Photo Albums

By nature, photo albums are meant to impress. Your wedding album is one of the most important photo albums you will ever create. We’ve selected our covers and paper types from the finest suppliers to bring you the very best albums possible.
Ariadbookbinding makes it easy for the customers to customise their photo albums. That's why we offer a range of colours, sizes, personalisation options and cover materials including leather, fabric-linen, silk & buckram.